Thursday, 11 April 2013

This is My Story; Our Journey; Our Place

Hey everyone! I wanted to try writing a poem but I'm not very good at writing poems or rhyming. So please don't mind if it's not the best! Nevertheless, I would appreciate any feedback/comments as usual! Much love & respect xoxoxo

This is My Story; Our Journey; Our Place

Whether you believe in evolution or religion;
We were all brought here to find our place.
Each story of victimization is unique in its own way;
But our journeys of survival are one-and-the same.

For as long as we can remember, we have endured hardships;
Though our lips moved, we remained soundless.
For days we suffered at the hands of our abusers;
All the while we were shunned by the voices of our commentators.

Society enforced its traditions and customs;
Forever engrained in our lives they were upon us.
Despite all that we had to experience;
We knew, deep down inside there was a reason.

The reason was to find this place;
A place of hope, of reason of faith.
Each of our journeys led us here;
Where we could connect, communicate and collaborate.

At last we have found our home, our pulse;
Where there are words of support and love.
Together we shall amplify, magnify and empower;
To eliminate the traditions practiced in the name of violence against women.

This is my place;
Where transformations are made.
And this is my place,
Where my friends and I live without fear or shame.

Critics continue to share their words of discouragement;
They continue to threaten the success of advocates.
Nevertheless we are reminded, “that with courage we create possibilities;
And with beauty we innovate”

For years we have walked and suffered alone;
Now, we will march and triumph together.
Collectively we will defy all abusive traditions,
All the while we will respond to the criticisms.

No longer are we just victims and survivors;
For our journeys have turned us into inspirational motivators.
With visions of a brighter future, where women and men are finally equal;
We shall let our voices prevail & empower those who are still victims of horror.

This is my place;
World pulse is our place.
This is my journey;
Our story of survival.

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